Breakthrough Treatment

Now Available In Cheboygan

Cheboygan, MI- Imagine forty years ago if you were told that lasers would replace scalpels in surgery or that robotic instruments would build cars; you may not have believed it. By the same token, would you believe that chiropractic treatments could be performed using a special hand-held instrument developed by NASA scientists; all while you were sitting in an upright position without any turning or twisting movements?

According to Dr. Dom Collino, “This new form of computerized treatment is so gentle and effective, that it amazes even the most skeptical patients. It’s called the ProAdjuster and is the latest, state-of-the-art technology in existence today, and the only one in the Cheboygan area.”

The ProAdjuster can safely and gently analyze and treat the spine and other joints to remove the nerve impingement that is often the cause of pains in the low back, neck, shoulder and elsewhere in the body. It also works on a variety of muscular conditions to loosen tight muscles with ease and comfort. Many patients say that it’s like getting a mini-massage. Even patients with knee, hip and foot problems such as plantar fasciitis are being helped. It is also covered by most insurance companies including Medicare.

Dr. Dom says that “The secret to the ProAdjuster lies in its ability to deliver an extremely precise adjustment.” He says that “Even though traditional forms of adjusting also work, people are drawn to this new technique because of how gentle it is and does not involve any twisting, especially in the neck.”

Many people love getting adjusted with traditional manual techniques, all of which are safe and effective but, there are a large number of people who never get to experience the amazing benefits of chiropractic because they are scared to have their spines adjusted in that way,” says Dr. Dom. Now, there is no longer a reason to be wary.

The ProAdjuster is perfect for anyone who has been thinking about going to a chiropractor, but hasn’t yet made that decision. Dr. Dom wants everyone to be able to experience these same benefits and if you have any of the following conditions, the ProAdjuster may be the answer you have been looking for…..

*Low back pain



*Plantar fasciitis

*Sciatic pain

*Carpal tunnel syndrome


*Knee or hip pain

*Neck and shoulder pain


*Spinal stenosis

*Sports injuries

Treatment with the ProAdjuster is consistent, measurable and extremely gentle. Call our office today and mention this article to receive a FREE ProAdjuster analysis to pin-point your problem areas and to see how the ProAdjuster can help. Call within the next seven days and you will also receive a complimentary nerve stress scan and computerized muscle test tha can show the areas of your stress and how it is affecting your body. Call 231.597.2225 today to reserve your FREE ProAdjuster Analysis Scan. This technological marvel may help you return to a healthier lifestyle. You may no longer have to live with a persistent, painful condition. Call us today!

Technique's Used:

Active Release

ProAdjuster / Versalign


Cox Flexion/Distraction Table


Some Gonstead

Other Procedure's Used:

Rapid Release

Kinesio Taping

Why Dr. Dom Collino?

I studied at two prestigious chiropractic colleges to attain my Doctor of Chiropractic degree, Logan College of Chiropractic (St. Louis, Missouri) and Western States Chiropractic College (Portland, Oregon). I graduated Summa Cum Laude and the Valedictorian of my class in 1995.

After graduation my wife and I wanted to live in northern Michigan to take advantage of the outstanding quality of life it offered our yet to be started family. Nearly eighteen years have passed, we now have two wonderful children, Conner (13), and Mya (9).

I have been in private practice during this time, on a path of life-long learning. This has provided my patients a unique and dynamic experience. This pursuit of knowledge has resulted in the introduction of the Insight Subluxation Station which provides a deeper look into patients nervous system function beyond that of simply pain. The Insight is utilized by world class chiropractors who specialize in the management of patient's nervous systems at the top of their game such as Olympic athletes, most professional teams, and Lance Armstrong among many. I love the ability to scan kids and see if challenges such as asthma, ADD, and ADHD to name a few might be related to nervous system interference, further I can monitor their progress as care proceeds.

In 2008 my studies opened the door to yet another addition to the practice and patients, the ProAdjuster, or Versalign. This device is now being taught to chiropractic students in many chiropractic colleges and universities across the country. The accuracy and gentleness afforded by the ProAdjuster has been a well received by the families in the office. My senior and post spinal surgery patients really appreciate that they can continue chiropractic care as it is so gentle as well.

Despite ongoing advancements, many patients that began care with me years ago have loved that I continue to provide them with the time tested methods that they are accustomed to.

Hours of operation:

We have flexible hours that allow you care to fit into nearly any busy schedule. Monday/Wednesday 8-5:00  Tuesday 3-8  Thursday 8-1


I do not require radiographs unless: there is a substantial trauma, or you are over 65 and certain aspects of your case dictate that it is imperative that they be performed, and finally if your progress is not as it should be based on my 20 years of experience